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We have been developing our NLP store resources to support our  own leaning  and our NLP training over the past 12 years. Please note  DVDs  are all NTSC standard and are (mostly) playable throughout the world. Our CDs and DVDs include all UK taxes and UK and International packing and postage.

NLP and Hypnosis DVDs

If you haven’t yet experienced training from Richard Bandler and John La Valle these DVDs are a great way to find out how they work. You can watch and listen to samples from each video.

Trancing in and Out £140 (2 DVDs)
Welcome to Reality £165 (6 DVDs)
Richard Bandler in Konstanz £175 (8 DVDs)
Persuasion Engineering £249 (8 DVDs)
Class of a Master £310 (4 DVDs)
The Art and Science of Nested Loops £195 (2 DVDs)
The Marshall Tapes £165 (1 DVDs)
It’s all about Time £60 (1 DVDs)

(For UK customers NLP LIFE has Class of a Master: Click Here and Persuasion Engineering on Promotion: Click Here)

Free Video

This video series by 1:1 NLP trainer and executive coach  Michael Beale is particularly useful for anyone before they attend an NLP or coaching programme. They are also useful after the programme to remind delegates of some of the learnings.

NLP  Video 1 | Setting The Scene
NLP  Video 2 | Introducing the Video Series
NLP  Video 3 | Success and Fulfillment Quiz
NLP  Video 4 | Frames and States
NLP  Video 5 | Direction and End Goals
NLP  Video 6 | Where are You Now?
NLP  Video 7 | Developing a Plan
NLP  Video 8 | Review Your Progress

Free Vault Video

These older video series give an introduction to NLP, coaching and hypnosis.

NLP Coaching Series
NLP Hypnosis Series
NLP Success Planning
NLP Training Series
NLP Youtube Channel

Free Articles and Podcasts

The training forum links to over 50 NLP and Business Interviews. See the left hand index.

NLP Training Forum

Top Interview series

NLP Benefits
NLP and Business Development
NLP and Change Management
NLP and Coaching
NLP and Health
NLP and Hypnosis
NLP and Leadership
NLP and Metaphor
NLP Sales and Cold Calling
NLP Training Review

Recommended Links

We are happy to strongly recommend the following NLP professionals services.

Michael’s NLP Training

1:1 NLP Training
NLP Training Courses
NLP Training Sitemap

Jonathan Altfeld (Downloadable MP3’s)

Finding Your Irresistible Voice 1 MP3
Finding Your Irresistible Voice 2 MP3
The Metaphor Machine MP3
Getting to the Automatic Yes MP3
Lie Detection Home Study MP3
Meta Model Workbook PDF

Steve Gilligan (Downloadable MP3’s)

Steve is both a licensed Psychologist and was one of the original students that contributed to the development of NLP. His mentors included Erickson and Bateson.

Trance Camp and Hypnosis Downloads

NLP Life

NLP Life presents Richard Bandler and John La Valle’s practitioner training in the UK

Class Of A Master DVD Special Offer (UK)
The Bandler Effect DVD (UK)
Personal Enhancement Cds
Upcoming Richard Bandler NLP Events
Antony Robbins | Uneach the Power 2014

NLP and Hypnosis Amazon Books

NLP Books Hypnosis Books Coaching Books

P3 Store

Ryan Nagy’s Feldenkrais MP3 Store

Feldenkrais MP3’s and Exercises


Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction

You may like or dislike Ross’ material, however he includes genuinely practical approaches to seduction and influence that are not included on others trainings.

Speed Seduction(R) Power-Pack
Nail Your Inner Game
Speed Seduction(R) 3.0 Course
Sexual Aggression Mastery
Buddy to Bedmate Course

Professional and Public Liability Insurance

Very good value professional and public liability insurance

We use and recommend Westminster Indemnity for professional and public liability insurance






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