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NLP CDs, DVDs, Videos


 Do you want to add width and depth to your training? We offer a selection of the very best NLP resources.

Over the last ten years we’ve developed a series of NLP resources to supplement our group and 1:1 training. The right CDs, DVDs, videos and books can make a significant difference to your training. We strongly suggest that you attend quality group or 1:1 training at the beginning of your NLP learning experience, however we also  realise this is not always possible.

Please find below our top NLP recommendations:


Richard Bandler and John La Valle NLP and Hypnosis CDs

See our NLP CDs

CDs (and MP3s) are a powerful way to supplement your learning. Particularly when you find a time and place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed.

When you’re comfortable with the CDs and their content you can use them to model the originator by listening with a relaxed and softened posture and attitude.

We’ve divided Richard’s CDs into two sections, the later ones with both great content and sound quality and the earlier ones which have great content but less good sound quality.

In both cases, we recommend you listen by using headphones.

See our NLP CDs

Richard Bandler and John La Valle NLP and Hypnosis DVDs

See our NLP DVDs

DVDs are also a great enabler for your learning.

While they will never replace attending a training course, they have a number of unique advantages:

1) you can create an environment where you are totally comfortable to watch and listen,

2) you can place your full attention on the trainer without being distracted by other participants, and

3) you can replay them many times.

See our NLP DVDs and watch our video extracts.

Free Michael Beale NLP and Hypnosis Videos

See our NLP Videos

We’ve created a short series of free videos outlining some of the key concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming with regard to planning success.

It’s ideal as a starter for anyone considering NLP training or as a refresher for existing practitioners and master practitioners.

Segments include:

1) Setting the scene.
2) What is NLP?
3) Our success and fulfillment quiz.
4) Frames and states.
5) Your direction and end goals.
6) Where are you now?
7) Developing a simple plan.
8) Reviewing progress.

View our ‘NLP and Success’ 8 part Video Training.

We are continually adding to our range of videos.

Recommended Books and Affiliated Products

NLP books are very much about who you are, and where you are on your learning journey.

We’ve created a wide range of suggested books for our practitioners and master practitioners. See NLP books.

We’ve also a built up a range of links to products we recommend including those from NLP Life, NLP Times, Jonathan Altfeld and Steve Gilligan. See our full  NLP Store Index to find out more.

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